image capture of a kaledoscope
  Screen saver capture (actually it's animated)
Another capture of the kaleidoscope

Comments from people using PhotoEchoes Kaleidoscope:

Thank you very much for this absolutely magnificient program. I lack words for the beauty created in this meditation enhancing tool.

What a product! I'm so blessed to have 'found' it. I create digital art and digital music and this is just been the greatest experience having this 'tool' to play with. I've always wanted to play with my art in this way...for a lot of years. A dream and vision now manifested.

Ce programme est vraiment superbe et me réjouit à chaque fois que je l'utilise.


I have a library of some 5000 fractal images. The more complex the fractal, the more impressive your program. It produces some mesmerizing images. The processor load goes up due to the number crunching but it is still awesome. Excellent program. Unfortunately, it keeps me from working. I can sit for hours watching it draw.

I know that most people only contact their software providers to complain - I want to make sure that you experience something different - I just wish to praise you and PhotoEchoes. It is my all time favorite program, and I have been designing on the computer since 1988. The only thing that I enjoy similarly is Photoshop. Your program has brought me so much joy and has transformed my work significantly.

Every Day I enjoy my Screensaver! Good work!
Hans Walter

This is Amazing!! I LOVE kaleidescopes and Teleidescopes (which using your own pictures in your program kind of does). I could watch this all Day. Too bad I have to work. LOL

I have to tell you that I absolutely love your PhotoEchoes program! I could go on for hours watching my photos transform into beautiful colorful designs. Even the boring ones look great!

I downloaded your absolutely beautiful kaleidoscope screensaver tonight, and I am blown away!! It is incredible! I would love to purchase the full version, and it is very rare I wish to purchase anything off the web - the truth is I have never ever purchased anything off the web before!! Your screensaver got me!!


Of all the software being written and downloaded all over the world, yours is by far the most fantastic. The cost is more than reasonable and to write and offer such a lovely experience is a rare and welcome thing.

Thanks for such a beautiful inspiring program.

Many thanks for this product. I have had the evaluation for some time now, I got a copy for my girlfriend for her birthday and I have told many of my psycho-naught and neo-shaman friends about it. I cannot tell you how this program has enhanced my experiences but I can tell you that it is amazing and the word is being spread....

I am having sooo much fun with PhotoEchoes. The music feature is very nice. Last night I was showing pictures of my trip to Bali and was playing Balinese gamelan music in the background. This could be a great tool in the classroom as well

HI there, awesome software I must say!!! Its worth the money.

I have been trying to physically take photos through keleidoscopes that I have made, for years - now I don't even need a kaleidoscope

I love this program!! I make quilts and the possibilities for new quilt patterns is amazing. I have a lot of pictures of lampwork glass beads and polymer clay beads that I have collected and they look AMAZING in this program. Keep up the good work.

Fabulous software!!!! WOW! I've not found anything like this before.

It is JUST what I wanted ! I'm so happy !! THANKS for a great program !

I sure do enjoy PhotoEchoes and have a number of screenshots that are growing fast. Very, very, nice!

I think your programme is BRILLIANT - it gives me many hours of pleasure and my friends love it.

Wouahhhh ! I buy it ! I tried it with the photos of my 2 godchildren and it’s really amazing and colourful !

I was looking for a kladiscope program that does exactly what yours does.I found another, but it is not as complete as yours. I make Paper beads., and use designs like your program does toprint the paper for great effect. Thanks. I have told every one I know, and send email about this program to lots of people. It is mesmerizing, and a wonderful screen saver and also help me in my hobby of beads.

PhotosEchoes is the Best Screensaver I have ever seen.

Great program, love it. Get a lot of comments from visitors.

I think it is the best program that I have ever seen on Kaleidoscopes. I make my own using PhotoShop, but they are still pictures.

I love the photoechoes kaleidoscope!! I put some pictures of my dog in it and his eyes are mesmerizing as they swirl around. Do I need to get a life or what!? Good job! I'm sold!

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